About The Horsemen

Welcome! We are The Horsemen Flight Team. We took off over a decade ago as the world's only P-51 Mustang formation aerobatic team. Since that time, the team has grown into flying other platforms in formation, including F8F Bearcats, F4U Corsairs and F-86 Sabres and most recently, the P-38 Lightning. Even though we change up our aircraft, our philosophy of flight has never changed: ESCAPE LIFE'S GRAVITY. We fly because we love it. We fly because it's our getaway. We fly to honor the historic aircraft we are privileged to ride.

There is an unspoken bond that connects all that we do. Academy Award-winning composer James Horner's original composition, written for our team, best captures our deep respect and passion for the vintage military fighters that we fly. We are humbled to be a part of these aerobatic performances celebrating our shared combat history.

The Horsemen Flight Team for 2017 is Steve Hinton flying lead in a P-38 Lightning with Dan Friedkin and Ed Shipley sticking tight to his wing in Mustangs. Our spirit is not represented by individual pilots, particular airplanes or specific routines. Instead, we are always looking up, searching the skies for life's next adventure.